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Silver Chain Home Hospital TVC

November 7, 2011

The reinvigorating of the Silver Chain Home Hospital TVC was a unique challenge and fantastic opportunity for Sauce Films Director, Chris Richards-Scully to work with Rare, Creative Director, Brett Wheeler.

Brett has a high standing in the creative community and Chris enjoyed the collaborative experience working with him, the two were able to work meticulously and precisely towards achieving their combined creative goal with successful results. Chris is looking forward to continuing their creative relationship in the future.

Chris is regarded as one of the best performance directors currently working in Perth. His ability to extract honest and real performances from his cast is a talent that sees him in high demand and has won him several international awards.

In what was a complex shoot, Chris focused on extracting the best performance from the talent and achieved an outstanding result.  The TVC was also accompanied by a YouTube testimonial.

Chris jumped at the chance to work with well renowned cinematographer, Mick McDermott and the opportunity to shoot the TVC on his Arri Alexa camera, to support the on screen Direction.

“The Alexa is a really fantastic Camera that produces images of amazing quality”, said Chris.

Director: Chris Richards-Scully
DOP: Mick McDermott
Producer: Verity Fitzgerald
Writer: Steve Brown
Art Director: Matt Nankivell
Post Production: First Light Digital
Agency: Rare
Agency Producer: Shannon Hicks
Client: Silver Chain

Perth Racing “Summer Carnival”

October 6, 2011

Things have been a little crazy at Sauce HQ.  We haven’t posted for a while, but with good reason, we’ve been busy!

After successfully navigating several torrential rain squalls, Sauce Films is happy to reveal our latest TVC entitled “Summer Carnival” for Perth Racing.

Directed and DoP-ed by Mark Zagar ACS the campaign celebrates a ‘modern classic’ aesthetic, evoking the elegant and rich history of racing. Striking black and white cinematography with a slight gold tint beautifully captures the glamour of race day, Ascot’s heritage architectural settings, our handsome couple and designer wardrobe. With meticulous attention to detail in direction, cinematography, set dressing and wardrobe the result is pretty stunning, check it out.

Mark’s passion for this style also shows in the Chanel and Connoisseur Ice Cream/ Yoghurt work on his showreel, check it out at

In other Sauce news our love of long form drama has seen Mark Zagar in demand on several big budget Feature Films. Mark has been sought after to Direct and DoP critical 2nd Unit filming on both Red Dog and Drift. Red Dog saw Mark charged with capturing the vast, stunning Pilbara outback on the big screen to brilliant affect with stars Josh Lucas, Rachel Taylor and Koko aka Red Dog. The film has been nothing short of a phenomenon topping box office against the likes of Harry Potter and making its way into the top 10 Aussie films of all time.

Mark then found himself filming monstrous 50 ft waves from a helicopter and capturing the rugged beauty of the Margaret River region for Drift starring Sam Worthington of Avatar fame.

Watch this space for more info and clips. In the meantime check out some making of photos on our Sauce Films facebook page

Director/ DoP: Mark Zagar ACS
Producer: Verity FitzGerald
Art Director/ Writer: John Petkovic
Account Director:  Todd Baker

The West Australian Classifieds “Brickie” TVC

July 21, 2011

Shooting a TVC using non-actors is all part of the fun and challenge for Sauce Films Director Chris Richards-Scully. Chris was very excited to have the opportunity to work with Marketforce Art Director, Nathan Teoh for the first time in his most recent campaign for The West Australian “Classifieds”. “Nathan was a fantastic collaborator and totally fun to work with”.  The 2 x 30 TVC’s were shot by DOP Nigel Tomkinson and Produced by Verity Fitzgerald.

During the casting process and throughout the shoot, Chris was given the opportunity to draw on his performance directing skills to bring out the best performances from the talent. Selecting the right talent from the staff at The West Australian was crucial, so when he cast Rochelle and Brent, he knew it was a step in the right direction.

100% dialogue to camera in one shot is hard for even the most seasoned performers. Chris worked tirelessly with the talent to achieve fantastic results.

Director: Chris Richards-Scully
DOP: Nigel Tomkinson
Producer: Verity Fitzgerald
Writer: Andrew Tinning
Art Director: Nathan Teoh
Post Production: Channel 7
Agency: Marketforce
Agency Producer: Silvana Visinoni
Client: The West Australian

Claremont Quarter Launch - Streets Ahead

June 21, 2011

The launch TVC campaign for Claremont Quarter can only be described as a dream job for Director/ DoP Mark Zagar. Mark relished the opportunity to create a stylish, visually rich and emotionally evocative TV campaign.

The launch of one of WA’s largest, most prestigious and highly anticipated developments needed to be both spectacular and high in production values to capture the viewer’s imagination and forge a premier identity.

Ray vanKempen’s elegant vision called for vibrant street scenes imbued with an aspirational sense of style. We agreed the visual style needed to be observational, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue, whilst taking us on our beautiful hero woman’s graceful journey through the centre.

Team Sauce clicked into high gear. Sauce’s extensive experience with filming large scale ads, beauty, fashion and maximizing the highest production values proved invaluable as many of the centre’s star attractions were under construction. The team meticulously created the bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and street scenes.

In order to marshal the creative focus of the many departments involved in the complex project, Mark pre visualised the shoot with storyboards detailing exact camera movement, styling and actor’s performance. Mark’s clear vision gave everyone from client to steadicam operator to gaffer a precise understanding of what would eventually happen in each frame. This ensured a very happy client, efficient, hassle free shooting days and time to explore creative inspiration.

The beautiful and emotionally evocative campaign helps to establish this distinctive development and revitalize Claremont as a premier style, quality retail and entertainment centre.

Director/ DoP: Mark Zagar ACS
Creative Director: Ray van Kempen
Producer: Verity Fitzgerald
Agency Producer: Chantelle Edwards
Client: Hawaiian, Claremont Quarter


August 3, 2010

Sauce Director Chris Richards-Scully has recently completed his latest short film Kanowna (pronounced ‘ka-now-na’). This gritty, dark and emotional tale is set in the Western Australian goldfields in 1902. It stars popular Australian actors Dustin Clare (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Underbelly 2) and Peta Sergeant (Satisfaction, Canal Road).

Kanowna is a beautifully shot, action/drama, ambitious in scale, rich in detail, which looks and feels like a big budget feature film. Accordingly, it has already attracted the attention of the international film festival circuit and US sales agents with comparisons being drawn to The Proposition and Deadwood.

The film’s sound was mixed at Larson Studios, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, by an Emmy award nominated sound team. Re-Recording Mixer, David Raines read the script and was so eager to get involved, he called Chris and invited him to come to Los Angeles to do the film.

Chris is regarded as one of Perth’s best performance and drama directors. Kanowna demonstrates his talent to bring powerful, yet nuanced performances to the screen. Chris’s passion and exceptional eye for performance directing, professionalism and creativity will bring an edge to your next ad campaign.

Director: Chris Richards-Scully
DOP: Devris Hasan
Writer: Chris Richards-Scully
Art Director: Alana Starcevich
Producer: Michael Facey
Post Production: Pineapple Post & Larson Studios Sunset, Hollywood