about us

Sauce Films aims to provide our clients with a world class Television Commercial (TVC) production house that delivers excellent service and technically sophisticated, entertaining and effective advertising.

The Sauce Team has extensive filmmaking credentials that include work on dozens of local and international feature films, TV series, documentaries and hundreds of TV commercials.

Sauce takes pride in working closely with creatives to realise and enhance their work. From the beginning Sauce Films aimed to enhance advertising agencies’ relationship with their clients by producing slick, cleverly realised TVC’s in a relaxed and organised atmosphere.

Sauce values its reputation for fresh ideas and superb production values on every project. We are dedicated to innovation and achieve this by keeping abreast with, and effectively utilising, the latest film, digital and post production technologies.

Sauce Films is based in Perth, Western Australia, which serves as a convenient base for filming in many fantastic locations. Western Australia has an incredible array of ‘undiscovered’ pristine locations.

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